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The excitement of dance is something everyone should experience. Dance is more than just learning how to move your feet. It also helps develop life skills. It promotes self-awareness, confidence, and provides new and exciting challenges and experiences.

Aspire Dance is owned and operated by Michelle Navratil, who is a certified teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) and Acrobatic Arts. She has been teaching all styles of dance for over 25 years.

Our team of teachers are enthusiastic and enjoy sharing their love of dance with the students.They inspire the dancers with their energy and passion and believe everyone can dance at any age.

"At Aspire Dance, we not only build strong dancers but strong team skills, confidence and long lasting friendships! Whether you are a recreational or competitive dancer you are treated equally at our studio. Come join our team!"


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Our Facility

Our studio is equipped with full-length mirrors, dual height Barres, sound system and rebound sub floor-preventing injuries to the feet, knees and lower back. This allows all students to achieve a full range of dance education in a safe and secure environment. We are proud to offer a proffesional Rosco Marley dance floor; a quality dance floor.


We have a warm-up studio for dancers to stretch in before class. This extra space is also used for a play area for siblings when the younger programs are in progress. Toys are provided so parents can socialize while siblings are entertained. There is also a waiting area for parents/caregivers.


A microwave and fridge is provided for students who dance several hours and need to store/heat their supper. Parents can feel comfortable dropping off their dancer in a safe environment.

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