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Our prices are calculated per family-savings up to 50%! (Savings depend on dancers per family and total hrs taken.) All prices are prorated over 31 weeks. This takes into account holidays, Christmas and Spring break.


Add up your total hours per family and refer to the fee schedule to the right. You can pay monthly  (Sept-May; prorated into 9 equal payments for a 31-week season), in two term payments (Sept and Jan), or in full (paid in September).  We accept VISA or MASTERCARD or E-Transfers. Payments are made the 1st of every month.

Registration Fee

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $35.00 (GST inc) for the year  ($125 for competitive dancers).


Refund Policy

There are no refunds on sessional classes after the second class. For all other classes, refunds will be given until December 15th. This gives students three months to ensure they want to continue with the full-year program. After this date, no refunds are given for dance lessons, costumes, or competition entry fees.



All full year classes will perform at the yearend show and will require a costume. Recital costumes range from $80.00 to $120.00 depending on the age, level, and props used. Payment for costumes will be required on the 1st day of December. 

Competition, Exams and Workshops

Extra fees will be charged for those dancers interested in participation in competition, exams, and workshops. There is an additional choreography fee for solos, duets, trios, and groups done outside of class time.

Monthly Fee Schedule (GST inc)

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