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Why do we compete? Competition can offer a wonderful challenge for those dancers who are wanting more out of their dance program. Dancers thrieve on repetition and will work on perfecting technique and choreography by polishing and reheasing routines for competition.


Competition also helps dancers to work towards a common goal and get feedback on their performance. Dancers get inspired by other performances and are motivated to continue to work hard and stay focused. At Aspire Dance, we encourage dancers to celebrate what they accomplished, not what medal they were awarded. Competition is an extra performance experience.


Being in a competitive dance program can be extremely rewarding for a dancer. However, both the dancer and the parents/caregivers involved must be prepared to accept the extra time and commitment of a significantly demanding program. Please refer to our "Competition Handbook" for further information.

2023/2024 Competition:

​Stay tuned for upcoming dates for our 2023/2024 competition season!


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