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Focuses on technique and posture and develops core strength. It provides the dancer with grace and elegance and musical awareness. All ballet classes will follow the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus. Students who are interested in taking an RAD exam will be required to take additional exam classes closer to exam time.


Is very stylized and focuses on the energy and power of the body. Dancers will focus on flexibility, jumps, and turns. Classes will be based on the ADAPT syllabus and free styles.


Is based on rhythm and style and focuses on sound quality and musicality. Classes will be based on the Al Gilbert syllabus and free styles.

Is a compilation of different styles of dance, including lyrical, classical ballet, and modern.


Assists in developing the muscle groups, flexibility, and technique required to perform tumbling and partner/group tricks on stage as part of a complete dance routine. Dancers will be inspired to excel, progressing through twelve exam levels.



Hip hop classes cover a wide range of different styles and technique.


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Sessional Programs

CREATIVE MOVEMENT - 10-week sessions

Ages 3 - 4

A fun introduction to learning dance movements at an early age. Young dancers will explore their imagination as they learn to move to music. Focus will be on ballet, jazz and musicality. 

KINDERDANCE - 10-week sessions

Ages 3 1/2 and up

A wonderful dance program which includes ballet, jazz, and tap.



Come join a ballet, jazz or even a tap class. Adult dance programs are geared for fitness and fun. All ages and levels welcome.

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